Tuesday, 10/26
October 25, 2021
Thursday, 10/28
October 27, 2021

Warm Up

3 Rounds

6 Hanging Scap Retractions

12 OH Band Pull Aparts

6 Dolphin Push Ups

12 Mountain Climbers

Prep (9 minutes)

1×400 M Run

2×6 Kip Swings+:15-:30 HS Hold

2×3-5 Pull ups+2-3 HSPU

Baseline Retest Pull Ups and HSPU

1:30 Max HSPU

Rest 3:00

1:30 Max Pull Ups

Met Con

AMRAP 16 minutes

Run 400 M

Max Unbroken HSPUs

Run 400 M

Max Unbroken Pull Ups

Score by total PU/HSPU


2×1 Min OH Band Stretch/side

HSPU Testing Options:



1-2 Ab Mats

Push Ups (full ROM without resting on the floor)

Pull Up Testing Options:


Chin Over bar

Strict Band Assisted Pull Ups

In Met Con:

Scale PU to 5 Band Assisted or 15 Jumping Pull Ups

Scale HSPU to 5 limited ROM or 15 DB Push Press

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