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November 7, 2021
Tuesday, 11/9
November 8, 2021

Programming Updates

The long-term approach to programming at CFDC focuses on the Crossfit Open as the culmination point of the year’s training. With this in mind, we will always incorporate a mix of movements, structures, timeframes, and more into daily workouts so that you can make progress and work towards goals.

Current Block: 11/01 – 12/31


  • Increase repeatability of Olympic lifts at high percentages of 1RM
    • Methodology: EMOMs, volume blocks, reps for time
  • Increase anaerobic threshold
    • Shorter duration workouts with very high intensity
    • Methodology: mix of all-out short workouts and intervals
  • Build capacity in higher tiered gymnastics skills
    • Ability to do larger sets before failure and complete a higher volume in workouts
    • Methodology: mix of volume blocks, “death-by” workouts, skill sessions
  • Strength maintenance
    • Back squats, deadlifts, and bench press


  • Week 1 (week of 11/1): Tests for time- 75 TTB, 15 snatches @ 80% 1RM, 1K row, 21 muscle ups (with scaling options provided)
  • Week 2 (week of 11/8): Max rep C&J at 85% 1RM in 3 minutes, “Fran” (21-15-9 thrusters and pull-ups), 5 min bike for max cals
  • Week 7 (week of 12/13): Retest 15 snatches for time, Fran, 21 muscle ups for time
  • Week 8 (week of 12/20): Retest max rep C&J in 3 min, 1K row
  • Week 9 (week of 12/27): Retest 5 min bike for max cals, 75 TTB for time

Note: We will do our best scheduling milestone retesting around the holidays!

Preview Future Programming Blocks

January – mid February

  • Specific prep for Crossfit Open- narrowed focus of movement patterns, heavy lifts under pressure, higher tiered skills fully integrated into workouts
  • More “test” workouts, including past Open WODs

Late February – early March (Crossfit Open)

  • Maximize performance in tested setting
  • Maintain strength
  • Maximize recovery
  • Weeks will be front loaded with movements harder on the body early in the week
  • Skills and machine-based conditioning closer to Friday/Saturday

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