Wednesday, 11/24
November 23, 2021
Friday, 11/26
November 25, 2021

Warm Up

3 Rounds
6 Squat to Bootstrappers
6 Pause Squats
6 Plank to Squat
6 Hanging Scap Retractions

Prep (6 minutes)
3×3 Strict Pull Ups+6 Step Ups+ 6 Wall Ball

“CFDC Thanksgiving Special”

In teams off 3 (60 min cap)

150 Wall Balls (each)
13 Rounds (divided at will, but in order)
8 Strict Pull Ups
26 Step Ups
21 Burpees

-Workout begins with Partner 1 completing 50 Wall Ball.  As soon as they are done, they can begin working on Maxton, while partner 2 begins 50 Wall Ball.  
-Once Partner 2 completes Wall Ball, they can join in with P1 on Maxton (one person working at a time, trading off at will).  At that moment Partner 3 begins Wall Ball.  
-Once P3 finishes WB, they join P2 on Maxton.  P1 goes back to Wall ball for a second round of 50 Wall Ball.  This pattern continues until all 3 Partners have finished 3 rounds (150 reps) of Wall Ball.  
-Once all WB are completed, all 3 partners continue on Maxton (1 person working at a time)

Scale Pull Ups to Band Assisted or Ring Rows
Step Ups are unweighted

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