Thursday, 1/27
January 26, 2022
Saturday, 1/29
January 28, 2022

Warm Up

3 Rounds

15 Band Good Mornings

10 Spider Lunges

15 Squats (Pause/reg/jump)

5 Dolphin Push Ups

Prep (8 Minutes)

15 Cal Row+10 RDL (bar)+10 Med Ball Front Squats+:30 HS Hold+5 Push Ups

2×10 Cal Row+10 DL (working up)+5 Wall Ball+2-3 HSPU

1×10 Cal Row+5 DL (working weight)+5 Wall Ball+2-3 HSPU


AMRAP 13 Minutes

55 Deadlifts (225/155)

55 Wall Ball (20/14)

55 Cal Row


Scale HSPU to Hand Release Push Ups

Accessory (6 Min)

Additional OH work

            getting in unfinished HSPU reps

            HS walk practice

            HS Hold or Wall Walks (all done for quality under full control)

            OH DB or KB carry (focus on extending arm and bracing midline)


Band Hamstring series

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