CFDC H Street Member Spotlight December 2022: Phil Nowak

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November 20, 2022
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November 30, 2022

How long have you been doing CrossFit and how long have you been at CrossFit DC?

I started about seven-eight years ago when my daughter took me to a couple of classes in Boston. I found District Crossfit and Amon. I moved to Crossfit DC with Amon in January of this year.

What do you do when you’re not crushing workouts at the gym?

I spend time with family (eight grandchildren ages one to 17 years). I love to fly fish both in fresh and salt water. I spend lots of time maintaining and managing rental properties in Massachusetts and a farm in Maryland.

What is a goal you’re currently working towards (in the gym or beyond)?

My goals are to keep sufficiently healthy and physically fit in order to keep up with all of the above and with my membership in Crossfit DC. I look forward to my workouts each day with Amon and all my friends. Crossfit DC is a very special part of my life.

Favorite and least favorite CrossFit movements/workouts?

I enjoy most all of the WODs. It is great the way they vary. Besides the ones I can’t do (HSPUs, box jumps and the like), the one I like least is the Snatch.

What is one coaching cue/tip that has helped you recently?

 Amon and other coaches have shared recommendations on strengthening and stretching exercises for my left knee/calf. Two Docs say it is my knee, but the pain is in my calf. My goal is to be able to use the leg without pain or discomfort.

What is something you wish you knew about CrossFit when you first started?

Having spent many years with and growing close to Amon, I knew much of what I would be getting when I followed him to CrossFit DC. What I did not know, was how many new friends I would find here, and how willing they are to support and encourage me.

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