CFDC U Street Member Spotlight January 2023: Koji Ota

Programming Preview: Week of 1/2
January 1, 2023
CFDC H Street Member Spotlight January 2023: Noura Hemady
January 2, 2023

How long have you been doing CrossFit and how long have you been at CrossFit DC?

I first joined CrossFit in 2015 when Jess and I moved to Brooklyn and were looking for a new gym. We tried their free intro class and the rest is history. We’ve been at CFDC since moving here in 2019!

What do you do when you’re not crushing workouts at the gym? 

When I’m not trying to beat my husband (Coach Jess) in workouts in the gym (it doesn’t happen very often), I love spending time with Jess and my dog Astor. I love the food scene in DC so we’re always looking for new dinner and brunch spots.

What is a goal you’re currently working towards (in the gym or beyond)?

Trying to be able to walk on my hands more consistently, increasing volume on bar muscle ups and hand stand push-ups, better technique on the Olympic lifts, overhead strength in general.

Favorite and least favorite CrossFit movements/workouts?

Favorite: dubs, pull-ups, squats

Least favorite: rowing, thrusters, any workouts longer than 8 minutes

What is one coaching cue/tip that has helped you recently?

 “Squeeze your butt” during handstand walks. It helps (I think).

What is something you wish you knew about CrossFit when you first started?

I wish I knew that CrossFit is much more approachable and inclusive than a lot of people think. I was initially intimidated to join because I’ve never touched a barbell before joining CrossFit, but I’ve never felt judged by coaches or other people for not being able to do a certain movement or not do something Rx. And it’s so satisfying to watch yourself get better as time goes on.

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