Coach’s Corner: Peter Petersan

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February 27, 2023
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What do you do/like to do outside of the gym?

Other than my regular job, I spend most of my time shuttling our 11-year-old to and from hockey practice, hockey games, and jiu jitsu classes. I also like to tinker on old motorcycles and travel.

What inspired you to start coaching CrossFit?

 My initial interest in coaching CrossFit was twofold:

  1. After attending classes for a couple years and realizing how fun and transformational CrossFit can be, I wanted to gain as much knowledge on movements, technique and theory as I could to help foster my journey; and
  2. While I have been very active throughout my life, I was never a gym person and never understood the allure of spending hours in a gym setting.  However, once I started doing workouts with Tom, and realized how much fun it was doing the workouts with a like-minded community, I was excited to share that with others who hadn’t found a fitness method that kept them engaged and interested.

Best coaching cue/tip you’ve ever received?

I was doing a workout that included muscle ups.  After tearing up the side of my hands/wrists from the false grip, I was trying to do flat-grip MU’s and kept failing.  Ben Smith told me to be aggressive in the turn over and not to stop until I could see my feet.  Of course, I never was able to see my feet, but after receiving that cue, I completed my first muscle up with that new grip.  It’s always so fascinating to me that while one cue may not help one athlete, it can be the exact thing another athlete needs to hear to perform a movement.

Favorite movement, skill, or workout to coach and why?

While I absolutely dread seeing thrusters in a workout, I believe the full-body benefit that the thruster provides makes them one of the best movements in cross-fit.  For that reason, I enjoy coaching it in a workout and helping people understand the benefit that comes from the “pain” of the movement.

Favorite memory from coaching at CFDC?

While it’s impossible to pinpoint one specific memory, I am always excited when an athlete achieves a new milestone. Whether it’s a PR or completing a movement that has been elusive, I always enjoy celebrating the achievement.

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