Tom Brose

CrossFit L4 Certified Coach & Owner

Mark Minukas

CF-L1 Trainer & Owner

Jess Prewitt

CF-L2 Trainer & Marketing and Operations Manager

Steve Opiyo

CF-L2 Trainer & Facilities Manager

Our Coaches

Lance Larson

CF-L3 Trainer & Head of Competition Team

Chris Szymanski

CF-L2 Trainer

Christina Klare

CF-L2 Trainer

Paul Petersan

CF-L2 Trainer

Preston Magouirk

CF-L2 Trainer

Sara Katz

CF-L2 Trainer

Noor Greene

CrossFit L2 Trainer

Kate Denny

CF-L1 Trainer

Emily Hogan

CF-L1 Trainer

Tim Rocafort

CF-L1 Trainer

Katherine Russo

Yoga for Athletes Instructor