Chris definitely chose the variety platter when it comes to fitness. Growing up in Colorado he became attracted to the outdoors at an early age. When he wasn’t out running around he was tumbling at the nearby by gymnastics academy or “hi-yah-ing” at his Tae Kwon Do school. He stayed very involved with TKD and continued up to the level of 2nd degree black belt but quit gymnastics early on because it was too “girly” for him – or so his mom claims. Later in high school he widened his interests to include track and field (high jump, hurdles, and pole vault), dancing (swing and salsa), and rock climbing. Upon entering university he started getting back to his roots and began practicing MMA and yoga.

Ever since, he’s been bouncing back and forth between those different interests never really finding the time or attention span to stick with one for long. It wasn’t until the Spring of 2014 that he finally picked a lifelong pursuit: CrossFit. He finally joined a box during while in grad school looking to bounce back quickly from an ankle injury and to develop more upper body strength. He kept with it after he realized that it made him better at all of his past interests and provided him a great foundation for any future interests that came along.

Outside of CrossFit his current interests are rock climbing, when he has the time, and procrastinating his training for Ninja Warrior (hence his desire for upper body strength previously). He enjoys coaching as it reminds him of his time as a teacher and it allows him to share his broad range of interests with others.

CrossFit Level 1 Coach