Christina was introduced to CrossFit in 2011 during her final year of veterinary medical school. She was never much of an athlete growing up and did not particularly enjoy exercise of any kind, viewing it as a necessary evil to get “skinny”. After much hesitation and doubt that she could physically do any of the workouts, she signed up for an introductory class. Her first day ended with a heavily modified version of “Cindy” that left her winded and sore, but she was immediately hooked.

Christina views CrossFit as an incredibly influential factor in who she is today. It changed her perspectives on fitness, strength, body image, and food. She truly believes CrossFit is for everyone and wishes she had more photos and videos of her early days for evidence that no matter where you are starting from, you can improve and progress. She vividly remembers her first pull-up, the first time she lifted 100 pounds over head, and just about every other milestone along the way mostly because none of them came easily and all involved a lot of work, patience, and usually frustration to achieve them. Christina loves coaching because she can see herself in a lot of members, struggling to get double unders or skeptical that they will ever do a muscle-up, and knows firsthand that when you put in the work and have the right encouragement and support around you, you will never cease to exceed your expectations.

CrossFit Level 2