Jessi has been an athlete her whole life, with short stints playing soccer, tennis, basketball (believe it or not), swimming, running, hurdles and diving. Diving is the sport that stuck and she continued through college. After college, she spent a lot of time in the gym in the free weights section, usually one of a small number of women. Hinting towards her future as a CrossFit coach, she would encourage her women friends to join her, teaching them how to lift weights and cross-train. That is, until she discovered CrossFit. Like others, she was intimidated by CrossFit until Tom invited her to try it out one Sunday when CFDC was still in a small gym behind a church on Kalorama St. It kicked her ass, and yet everyone was so friendly and welcoming while having their asses kicked! She never looked back. Jessi loves being a part of people’s transformations, helping them believe in themselves and do things they never thought possible – that first pull up, push up, PR, you name it. And she loves the supportive community that members create to help each other achieve these goals.

Outside of the gym, Jessi has worked in management consulting advising a wide range of organizations on strategy, organizational development and stakeholder engagement. As CFDC's Business Operations Advisor, she applies this experience to helping CFDC execute on our mission and goals, in particular focusing on making the member experience the best it can be.

CrossFit Level 2 certified coach