CrossFit Level 1 Coach

When Jon started high school he weighed a whopping 92 lbs; college wasn’t much better, coming in at a hefty 131 lbs at his current height. This wasn’t fat a flab though, this was 131 lbs of chiseled high school runner body slapped together with flowing below shoulder length hair. It only took about 4 months for him to realize that this wasn’t going to be his athletic future. Jon dove head first into playing Division 1 collegiate Rugby, and never looked back from hitting the weights and improving his fitness since. After four years of intense strength and conditioning training during the season, and some power lifting in the off season for some spice, Jon graduated college with some more meat on his bones, hair on his face, and a way bigger deadlift than his friends. But then what? Would it be pickup basketball games and Thanksgiving day football games forever!? Nope, enter CrossFit.

Back at the tail end of 2011 after graduation, one of Jon’s friends called him on the phone and said “hey, turn to ESPN. There’s shirtless dudes doing the same crazy stuff you do at the gym on TV,” aka the 2011 CrossFit gams recap. Within 3 hours of the viewing, Jon was standing in his first CrossFit class at CrossFit Boston, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Jon would love to give credit to his athletic abilities and his current drive and success in CrossFit solely to his love of the sport and his dedication, but that would just be lying. It’s largly that, but its mostly one fact: Jon is competitive as all hell. Growing up the youngest of four, in a tough old school American family, Jon learned to take your shots when you can, and that being bad at whatever your doing sucks. So, diving in full steam ahead, Jon began his career as a CrossFit Competitor to better his fitness abilities.

Thankfully, CrossFit has given Jon more beneficial opportunities other than just lifting thigns. He may not look it, but Jon generally likes people, and loves to help them reach goals they set for themselves if they stay dedicated and positive. A perfect recipe, coupled with his athletic career, to be a CrossFit instructor. The second Jon stepped into the Box as a coach, he has loved every second of working with the people around him, and building a strong community based on friends, fitness, hard work, and good memories. CrossFit DC was the perfect fit when Jon moved to DC from Boston for Graduate School, and the atmosphere could not be any more incredible. He feels truly blessed to be part of this great community.

So if you have any powerlifting strength questions, want to learn how to grow a mean beard, how to brew some killer beer, or just generally like to goof off and talk about Epic fantasy novels, make sure to introduce yourself to Jon, most likely several times over since his ability to remember names is lacking.

CrossFit Level 1 Coach
CrossFit Judge Certification