CrossFit L2 Trainer

Noor wasn't interested in traditional competitive sports growing up, aside from soccer. Her main athletic hobbies included riding her bike obsessively, hula-hooping (not your typical playing around with the hoop, we're talking about walking over a mile with the hula-hoop) and juggling.

On their second date, Noor's boyfriend dragged her into CrossFit DC. For her, CrossFit was not love at first sight. After a few months though, she discovered something very unique about CrossFit. Life might not be fair all the time, even if you work hard and do the right thing. In CrossFit, that's not the case. It is nearly the ideal world where good things happen to good people: if you work hard you'll see results and have the endless love and support of your community.

Noor moved from DC to CA shortly after her first class. In 2011 she got her CrossFit L1 and in 2013 she got her CrossFit Level 2. She works full time for CrossFit Inc. producing videos, as a customer support member and translating CrossFit training materials into Arabic. Coaching, however, is her main passion.

CrossFit Level 2 Coach