Preston Magouirk

  Preston grew up in northeast Louisiana, where there was little to do aside from playing
outdoors. Never an avid hunter or fisherman, he instead gravitated toward team sports and competed through high school. After a serious lumbar disc injury that resulted in back surgery, however, Preston progressed through college afraid of causing further damage to his fragile frame! As a result, he neglected the functional movements necessary to build lasting strength and stability, thus leaving him vulnerable to future risk.
While in graduate school, Preston grew restless without opportunities to physically improve and
compete. Even after hours on the university recreation center’s rower and several thousand kettlebell
swings at home, he still felt something was missing. Fortunately, a close friend recommended CrossFit and after balking at first, Preston dove in when his wife left for a year of work abroad. He joined Solidarity CrossFit in Charlottesville, Virginia, and has enjoyed every day since. Perhaps most notably, his back is now stronger and less prone to wrenching pain than ever before!
After a year of learning about CrossFit through daily workouts and outside reading, Preston
earned his Level 1 Certificate and is thrilled for the opportunity to begin coaching at CrossFit DC!

  • CrossFit L2 Trainer