Stephanie-300x225CrossFit Coach

Coming from a family of athletes, sporting officials, and national-level coaches in her native China, you might say that Stephanie embraced sports not just as a passion, but a given. Growing up in Beijing, Stephanie was a jump-roper, swimmer, and sprinter – in that order. For years, she dreamed of becoming a professional sprinter. But after Stephanie moved to the U.S. as a high school student, her studies took precedence, and she stopped being active for the next several years.

When she started CrossFit several months after her other half, Chris, it was really only A) so he would stop bugging her about it; and B) so she could find out what exactly was causing him to collapse into a heap and lie on the floor for 20 minutes or more each time he came home from class. Stephanie’s first CrossFit class left her sore for a week. It took her another week to work up the courage to go back and try again. But after that, it was a done deal. She was hooked. Her CrossFit journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing, however. For years, she struggled with injury and rehab as a result of scoliosis. With a fragile spine, she learned firsthand the importance of form and technique – as well as the difference that even a tiny correction or single coaching cue can make. Injury may have sparked Stephanie’s interest in technique and mechanics, but her appreciation for good coaching began with her very first CrossFit coaches at CrossFit DC. As the CrossFit DC community grew, she began joining Chris in helping out with classes, and when the new gym on 14th Street opened, she became a staple of morning, evening, and weekend classes. Today, Stephanie regularly coaches at both CrossFit DC locations. Her prospects today as a professional sprinter for China may be doubtful, but her calling as a CrossFit coach is just beginning.

CrossFit Level 1 Coach