September 19, 2017

Smackdown 2017: The Essentials

Get ready…

ryan start_IMG0346

Get set…


Saturday, October 14: the CrossFit DC Smackdown returns!

Keep an eye out for the opening of team registration this week.

A very, very close eye.


Until then…

Here’s what you need to know about CFDC’s annual intramural team throwdown.

By the numbers:

  • Saturday 10/14, 9am-4pm
September 17, 2017

Monday, 9/18/17

3 Rounds
2 Wall Walks
4 Alt T Push Ups
6 Band Pull Aparts
8 Alt Dead Bugs

EMOM 8 Min (4 Rounds each)
A) 10-20 Alt Shoulder Taps

B) 5 Prone Plate Retract and Press
Split Jerk (30 min)
1×5 strict press w/ bar
2×5 Push Press …

September 17, 2017

The Smackdown Returns!

The Smackdown is back!

The 2017 edition of CrossFit DC’s annual intramural throwdown returns Saturday, October 14, 9am to 4pm at U Street. Teams of 4 CFDCers (2 men; 2 women) will compete for the Smackdown title — and more importantly, a whole lot of only-at-CFDC fun along the …

September 13, 2017

Strength to Endure: CrossFit Training to Race Across the Sky

By CrossFit DC member Danny H.
Congratulations to CrossFit DC’s very own Danny H. for completing the Leadville Trail 100, the legendary “Race Across the Sky”: one hundred miles — yes, ONE HUNDRED MILES — of extreme Colorado Rockies terrain.  As the old Leadville saying goes, “You will give
August 9, 2017

Welcome Zach!

We’re excited to introduce Zach Starsia as the newest member of the CrossFit DC coaching team.

If you attend class at U Street, you might have noticed the tall, dark fellow with a penchant for Olympic weightlifting and an eye for good form.  We welcomed Zach several months ago when …

March 23, 2017

Friday, 3/24/17

3 rounds
15 Band Good Morning
10 Spider Lunges
15 Arch Rocks
10 Alt Dead Bugs

Deadlift Complex (30 Min)
1×10 RDL w Bar,
3×2 Deadlifts+2 RDL working up

4×2 Deadlift+3 RDLs*

*Double overhand Grip only.
Control bars to floor (don’t drop)
Work sets should be at same …

March 1, 2017

Athlete Spotlight: Jaime L. & Matt N.

Some pundits like to slice and dice our community into 14th Streeters and H Streeters.

But we’ve got news for them. Some of us pledge allegiance to both locations.

Meet Jaime L. and Matt N. — dedicated CFDCers who lift heavy, move fast, and work hard at both gyms, depending

February 21, 2017

Open Season: Upcoming Schedule Changes

By Coach Tom

Big Week Ahead

As you’ve heard, Thursday kicks off the 2017 CrossFit Games Open. We’ll follow the same schedule as we’ve done in the past, including running a different workout at each location over the weekend. I’ll also be basing the weekend’s programming around …

February 14, 2017

Ask the Coach: The Open Edition

(Photo: Amanda H.)

The Open is coming!  The Open is coming!

Yep, it’s that time of year again — the five-week-long worldwide fitness phenomenon known as the CrossFit Games Open.  Every Thursday night, across far-flung corners of the world, hundreds of thousands of devotees huddle around smartphones and …