Strength in Community

We believe that CrossFit DC is only as strong as our community. What our members often say is that they love the workouts and find motivation in the results, but what brings them back day after day are the people around them. Ours is a community that extends beyond the workout, and goes well beyond the gym.
Whether you’re new to CrossFit or a veteran competitor, you’ll find a warm welcome at CrossFit DC. You’ll find people who cheer for you when you take on new challenges, commiserate with you after tough workouts, and celebrate with you along every step of your fitness journey. You’ll find people to compete with, people to learn from, people who inspire you on a daily basis. And sooner or later, you’ll find yourself leading by example, too.
Our members include total beginners, weekend warriors, soon-to-be mothers, youth, Masters athletes, and elite competitors. Among them are moms, dads, students, lawyers, librarians, artists, bakers, bartenders, consultants, doctors, military members, security officers, rugby players, martial artists, gymnasts, golfers, triathletes, runners, rowers, yogis, D1 athletes, former couch potatoes, and people who never dreamed they’d do a pullup before.
What brings us together is our common dedication to pursuing fitness. From coaches to athletes, we come to the gym to challenge ourselves, and support each other.
And when we aren’t chasing PRs or learning new skills in the gym, you can find us out grabbing brunch after a weekend class, hitting up happy hours, grilling together in the summertime, or throwing down potlucks and holiday parties with the same gusto we bring to our workouts.

Our biggest accomplishments are our members. Nothing brings us more happiness than celebrating the successes of our members. Read about our featured athletes below.