September 5, 2023

Programming Preview: Week of 9/4

Monday, 9/4: Labor Day Partner Met Con

Tuesday, 9/5: Met Con Baseline – Pull Ups and DB Thrusters

Wednesday, 9/6: DB Bench Press and Double Unders

Thursday, 9/7: Clean Pause Extensions, Front Squats

Friday, 9/8: Met Con Baseline – Row, Bike, and Burpees

Saturday, 9/9: Sotts Press, 3 Position Snatch

August 27, 2023

Programming Preview: Week of 8/21

Monday, 8/21: Hang Snatch and Met Con – Wall Ball, Burpee, and Hang Power Snatch

Tuesday, 8/22: Rowing and Pull Ups

Wednesday, 8/23: Split Jerk, Running, and Shoulder to Overhead

Thursday, 8/24: Front Squat 1RM

Friday, 8/25: Met Con – Muscle Ups, Handstand Push Up (scaled version available)

Saturday, 8/26:

August 13, 2023

Programming Preview: Week of 8/14

Monday, 8/14: Front Squat and Met Con – Front Squats, Toes to Bar, and Burpees

Tuesday, 8/15: Romanian Deadlift and Met Con – KB Swings and Handstand Push Ups

Wednesday, 8/16: Running and Pull Ups

Thursday, 8/17: Snatch

Friday, 8/18: Row and Bench Press

Saturday, 8/19: Clean and Front Squat

August 6, 2023

Programming Preview: Week of 8/7

Monday, 8/7: Hang Squat Clean and Front Squat

Tuesday, 8/8: Weighted Pull Ups and Met Con – Run, Burpees, Shoulder to Overhead, and Pull Ups

Wednesday, 8/9: Row, Double Unders, and Step Ups

Thursday, 8/10: Hang Power Snatch, Romanian Dealifts, and Core Work

Friday, 8/11: Intervals with Bike, Box Jump

July 30, 2023

CFDC U Street Member Spotlight August 2023: Marissa and Mike

How long have you been doing CrossFit and how long have you been at CrossFit DC?

Marissa has been doing CrossFit since November 2021 and Mike since May 2022. CFDC has been our first and only box.

What do you do when you’re not crushing workouts at the gym? 


July 30, 2023

Programming Preview: Week of 7/31

Monday, 7/31: Clean Complex and Met Con – Wall Ball and Run

Tuesday, 8/1: Intervals of Strict Pull Ups, Bike, DB Snatch, Box Jump Overs

Wednesday, 8/2: Front Squat 2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1 and Met Con – Double Unders and Pistols/Lunges

Thursday, 8/3: Split Jerk and Met Con – Shoulder to Overhead, Burpees,