October 26, 2016

Base Camp, 10/29/2016

Focus 1: Hanging Hollow, Hanging Arch, & Kipping
Focus 2: Kipping Pull-Ups
Focus 3: Jump Rope and Double Unders
Workout: Jump Rope, Hollow & Arch Rocks & Burpees



Building on last week’s in depth review of pull-ups – especially how to develop better pull-up mechanics …

October 19, 2016

Base Camp, 10/22/2016

Focus 1: Pull-Ups
Focus 2: Dips
Focus 3: Hollow Position, Arch Position, & Kipping (for both mvmts)
Workout: Renegade Rows & Sit-ups



Tired of getting pulled in different directions? Tired of getting pushed around. Too bad, cuz we’re going to push and pull some more …

October 5, 2016

Base Camp, 10/8/2016

Focus 1: Turkish Get-Ups
Focus 2: Handstands (esp. Kicking into a Handstand, or a scaled version of kick-ups)
Focus 3: Handstand Push-Ups
Workout: Handstand Push-Ups, Windshield Wipers, & Lateral Hops



Think of this week’s Base Camp as stability 101. Sure, strength is involved, especially from …

September 28, 2016

Base Camp, 10/1/2016

Focus 1: T2B and Kipping T2B
Focus 2: Barbell Rows vs. Pendlay Rows
Workout: Pendlay Rows, Plyo Push-Ups, & MedBall Sit-Ups


The recurring question of learning Toes-to-Bar (T2B): do I need to get stronger, or do I need to practice more? Well, what if we showed you …

September 21, 2016

Base Camp, 9/24/2015

Focus 1: Rowing
Focus 2: Wall Balls
Workout: Rowing, KB Deadlifts & Wall Balls


Feel like you’re getting pushed around during a lot of CFDC workouts? Small wonder, considering how much pushing you’re required to do. So maybe, just maybe, we can help you get a little …

September 7, 2016

Base Camp, 9/9/2016

Focus 1: Power Jerk & Split Jerk
Focus 2: Push Jerk
Workout: DB Push Jerk, alt. DB Lunge & Lateral Hops


What a bunch of jerks!

This Saturday’s Base Camp class will start with a primer on the interplay of Power Jerk and Split Jerks, before moving …

August 31, 2016

Base Camp, 9/3/2016

Focus 1: Deadlifts
Focus 2: Kettlebell Swings
Workout: KB Swings, Push-Ups, Jumping Lunges

IMG_1958 (2)

A common theme of programming these days seems to posterior chain building…in layman’s terms, that means a lot of hamstring work, especially in the form of Deadlifts. It’s also meant a lot of work …

August 24, 2016

Base Camp, 8/27/2016

Focus 1: KB Windmill
Focus 2: Overhead Squats
Workout: Mtn Climbers, Sit-Ups, DB/KB OHS


Now this is a delightful pairing: KB Windmills and Overhead Squats, pairing all the essential elements of shoulder stability with full body mobility. If you ever wanted to diagnose your biggest mobility faults …

August 17, 2016

Base Camp, 8/20/2016

Focus 1: Rowing
Focus 1: Seated Box Jumps
Focus 2: Box Jumps
Workout: DB Cleans, Box Jumps, V-Ups

IMG_1388 (2)

What’s the deal with Box Jumps? You get yourself from standing on the floor to standing on the box. I mean, really, is there really any technique to …