Workout of the Day

December 3, 2021

Saturday, 12/4

Warm Up 3 Rounds15 Band Good Mornings5 Squat to Bootstrappers15 Pause Squats5 Hanging Scap Retractions Prep 6 Minutes2×5 Deadlifts +5 Wall Ball+5 Kip Swings1×5 Deadlifts (second weight)+5 Pull Ups1×5 Deadlifts (last weight) Partner Met Con For time (25 min cap)1 Round each21 Deadlifts (185/125)30 Wall Ball21 Pull Ups 2 Rounds each15 Deadlifts (225/155)21 Wall Ball15 Pull Ups 3 Rounds each9 Deadlifts (255/185)15 Wall Ball9 Pull Ups
December 2, 2021

Friday, 12/3

Warm Up EMOM 9 Minutes (3 Rounds) A) Bike :40 B) 6 Rev Hand Spider Lunges+6 Plank to Squat C) 20 Air Squats Prep (6 minutes) 1×5 Front Squats+5 Strict Press+5 Thrusters (bar only) 1×5 Thrusters (light) +5 Burpees 1x:20 Bike (sprint)+5 Thrusters (working weight)+3 Burpees Met Con Every 6 Minutes for 30 minutes (5 Rounds) Bike 15/12 Cals 15 Thrusters (95/65) 12 Burpees Score by total work time
December 1, 2021

Thursday, 12/2

Warm Up 3 Rounds6 Hanging Scap Retractions6 Dolphin Push Ups6 Alt Samson Lunges6 Rolling Split Straddles Prep (6 Minutes)2×2 Wall Walks+5 Push Ups2×2-3 HSPU (can build in difficulty) Skill EMOM 12 Minutes (6 Rounds each)A) 3-8 HSPU*B) 10 Hollow Rocks+5 Arch Raises Prep (4 Min)2×5 Kip swings+5 DB Push Press1×5 Knees to Chest1×5 Toes to Bar Met Con For Time (15 Min Cap)21-15-9-15-21 Toes to Bar9-15-21-15-9 DB Push press (50s/35s) Mobility 2 Rounds1 Min OH Band stretch/side:30 Kneeling Forearm Stretch

Blog Posts

November 30, 2021

Looking back on CFDC with Tom Brose…

I first heard about CrossFit in 2004. I was working in a gym and continually trying to find effective ways to train-most of what I saw was worthless. I had gotten a few opportunities to train with Pavel Tsatsouline (considered the “father” of kettlebell training in America), and through that ended up on kettlebell forums. I kept seeing mentions of “the other guys” and their WODs. Having no Idea what it was, I checked it out and it seemed awesome. At the time, certifications were only held a few times a year, and only at the CFHQ. In April 2005 I hopped on a plane to California for what would be the 12th CF L1 ever offered. At the time, courses were 3 days. Day one began with a lecture then Bottom to Bottom Tabata Squats. After lunch we did Fran-a group of navy SEALs had come up from Coronado and one started to dry heave. The coach screamed at him to not throw up on the parking lot, he better make it to over the fence. They didn’t have mirrors or a front desk, but they had a designated puke area. I was sold.* Right away I wanted to be a part of what I had seen. Not only did the workouts make sense, but there was a small but growing network of like-minded people trying to push the boundaries on how people trained.  I affiliated in November 2005. I had a few friends training with me- we’d go out in the alley behind the gym I worked at or to various parks. Eventually we found a personal training studio that would rent me space to start classes- shout out to the original Kalorama crew. A couple early clients ended up becoming business partners, and we moved into our own place on 14th St. Over the years we’ve evolved in a number of ways. Aside from opening a second location and moving up to U St., we’ve tried to learn how to adapt as a team and as a business. The events of the last year have been a challenge to everyone, but the work we put in to get the right people on board got us through. We’ve had so many great stories and memories come from CFDC, its really hard to pick specifics out, but I’ll throw out a couple: Getting the official team invite to Regionals for the first time. I got the email while we were at the MACC, and between events I gathered the group who didn’t know what was coming for the announcement. The final event of our first Smackdown at 14th St. We’d bought Prowlers but kept them hidden, and set them up in the parking lot across the street without anyone knowing. The final was a shuttle sprint relay, and it started raining just as we unveiled the surprise. One of the ladies unable to get traction on the wet asphalt kicked off her shoes and pushed through in wet (and […]
November 30, 2021

Longtime CFDC Member Spotlight: Reggie Wallace

  Reggie Wallace just celebrated his FIFTEENTH anniversary at CrossFit DC. He graciously took some time to answer questions about sticking with CrossFit and CFDC throughout the years, some ways in which both have changed over time, and his favorite memory from the gym. 1) How long have you been doing CrossFit and how did you first get involved with CFDC? I’ve been training CrossFit since November 26, 2006 (yup, fifteen years). I got involved with CrossFit DC after responding to an article about CrossFit DC in the Washington Post Express (  I traded a few e-mail messages back and forth with Tom (Brose). He suggested that I give it a try. I show up to the Sunday morning class, gave it try (needless to say, it kicked my behind), and decided that I wouldn’t let CrossFit beat me. Thus, I kept coming back. 2) What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in CrossFit or at CFDC throughout the years? Hmmm…changes to CrossFit: (a) It’s no longer an “underground” sport. I no longer have to explain what CrossFit is and what it is all about  (b) The Open competition. When I started, the Open wasn’t as…open (pardon the pun). (c) The payday for the elite athletes in the CrossFit Games. If only I were twenty-nine… 🤣 🤣 Changes to CrossFit DC: The biggest change… 2006: Not a lot of space (unless we used the basketball court), barebones equipment, no elements class (one just joined class and did the workout), two (or three) total classes for the week, the punch card system for payment…but we made it work. 2021: Two locations…with space, pull-up bars I can actually use, more (and better) equipment, more coaches, more classes, and an ever-changing, ever-growing, diverse community. 3) What has made you stick with CrossFit DC for all these years? One name: Tom Brose. His vision, his coaching style (which he imparts on the other CrossFit DC coaches), and his knowledge of how to motivate me keep me coming back. Plus, I enjoy picking his brain on samples used in old-school (or “golden age”) hip-hop tunes (and I think he likes picking my brain on rock tunes). 😁 I’m extremely grateful for everything Tom has done for me these past fifteen years. In addition, the quality of the coaching at CrossFit DC, the people I train with (“the community”), and the workout programming keeps me coming back for more. 4) What are your favorite and least favorite movements/workouts? Favorite: Squats, deadlifts, and weightlifting (i.e., snatch, clean, and jerk). Least favorite: Running, burpees (we have a peaceful coexistence), and devil’s press. 5) What’s your favorite memory from your time at CFDC? One of the (many) memories that I have was when I was away from CrossFit DC for a few weeks in the summer of 2008. I was recovering from arthroscopic surgery on my right knee. While recovering, I would read the CrossFit DC blog to see what was going on. On one blog, the class posed for a […]
November 30, 2021

CFDC Coach’s Corner: Amon Hotep

1. What do you do/like to do outside of the gym? Sleep. Mostly sleep. 2. What inspired you to start coaching CrossFit? While working as a personal trainer, the staff would search for workouts to do together and CrossFit workouts frequently popped up. I enjoyed the structure of the workouts and the physical response I received. So, I decided to pursue more information, certifications, seminars…and here I am. 3. Best coaching cue/tip you’ve ever received? Coach the person, not the movement. I forgot where I heard / read that, but it stayed with me. 4. Favorite movement, skill, or workout to coach and why? Coaching any “first” never gets old. Coaching athletes to successfully perform a movement, lift or skill they have been chasing is very rewarding. 5. Favorite memory from coaching at CFDC? Meeting new people is always exciting. I’m looking forward to learning and growing with the community.