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June 28, 2022

Programming Preview: Week of 6/27

Monday, 6/27: Front Squats and Met Con – Thrusters and Bar Facing Burpees Tuesday, 6/28: Pull Ups and Running Wednesday, 6/29: Push Press, Rowing, and Handstand Skill Thursday, 6/30: Deadlift Friday, 7/1: Bench Press, Toes to Bar Saturday, 7/2: Snatch Balance, Overhead Squats
June 19, 2022

Programming Preview: Week of 6/20

Monday, 6/20: Push Press and Juneteenth Chipper Tuesday, 6/21: Tall Cleans and Met Con Intervals with Cleans and Front Squats Wednesday, 6/22: Skill and Met Con with Pull Ups, Rowing, and Handstand Push Ups Thursday, 6/23: Overhead Squats and Snatch Complex Friday, 6/24: Met Con with Bike, Toes to Bar, Running, and Wall Ball Saturday, 6/25: Deadlift and Double Unders
June 12, 2022

Programming Preview: Week of 6/13

Monday, 6/13: Snatch Balance Tuesday, 6/14: Pull Ups, Row, Toes-to-Bar Wednesday, 6/15: 3 RM Deadlift Test Thursday, 6/16: Handstand Push Up Test Friday, 6/17: Front Squats Saturday, 6/18: “Eva Strong” Hero WOD