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December 12, 2019

Friday, 12/13

Warm Up 3 Rounds 6 Dolphin Push ups 6 Alt T push ups 6 Pause Hip Bridges 6 Hanging Scap retractions Strength Bench Press (25 Min) Prep: 1×10 w/bar, 3×5 working up Work:4×6 at same weight Met Con For time (12 Min Cap) 27 Push Ups 15 Pull Ups 21 Push ups 15 Pull Ups 15 Push Ups 15 Pull Ups 9 Push Ups
December 11, 2019

Thursday, 12/12

Warm Up 3 Rounds 8 Pause Squats 8 Spider Lunges 8 Alt Samson Lunges 8 Alt Dead Bugs 1 Min Squat Hold 1 Min Single Leg Flexion/side 1 Min Squat Hold Strength Back Squat (30 Min) Prep: 1×10 w/bar, 3×6 working up Work: 9-9-6-6-3-3 Met Con For Time (12 Min Cap) “Annie” 50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders Ab Mat Sit Ups
December 10, 2019

Wednesday, 12/11

Warm Up 3 Rounds 6 Pause Squats 6 Rev Hand Spider Lunges 6 Jump Squats 6 Squat to Bootstrappers 1:30 Death Stretch/side (:45 low:45 high) Strength Clean (30 Min) Prep:  2×1 Three Position Pause Ext+2 Hang Hi Pull 2×2 Hang Hi Pull+2 Hang Power Clean+2 Front Squats 3×2 Cleans Work: 3×1.1.1. 3x 1.1. 3 Rounds NFT 5 Calf Raise with Negative/side 10 DB Side Raises/side 20 Windshield Wipers

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December 13, 2019

Bring-a-Friend Day, 12/14

Warm Up 3 Rounds12 Samson Lunges6 Squat to Bootstrapper12 Squats6 Plank to Squat Partner Met Con 21 Synchro Burpees 30-20-10 eachPlate G2OHBox Step Ups with Plate 21 Synchro Burpees 10-20-30 eachOH Plate Lunges Ab Mat Sit Up 21 Synchro Burpees
December 4, 2019

Member Spotlight: Bernard H.

How long have you been doing CrossFit (and what inspired you to begin)? How long have you been at CFDC? Why did you chose CFDC? I looked into CrossFit when I started having kids and had to give up triathlons as I could no longer afford the training time that they require. I came across CFDC in 2010/2011 when it was in a big airy old renovated church in Kalorama. There were only a couple of rigs – it was all very lo-tech — but with a full basketball court we had fun with suicide sprints, tire-flipping and sled-pushing. I then stopped for a while as work travel was too much and only rejoined when my wife Anna got into Olympic-lifting; she was coached by Tom’s former partner Chris Shepherd down at the 14th street box. That was in 2016. Now, at U-street it feels like CFDC has really ‘arrived’, but I still call it my ‘church’; a place to decompress, get a smile and work up a sweat with a diverse group of great people. Favorite and least favorite CrossFit movements? I think I am going to have to say my favorite is ‘double-unders’ as I feel that it is the most versatile (rope fits easily into a suitcase) and a perfect way to keep fit until my dying day. And on the flip-side – while it is amazing to watch someone like Angela rotate through them – snatches have to be the worst – I’m just too long and scrawny. What do you do when you aren’t flinging heavy weights around the gym? Well, these days there is not much room for anything but work, my 3 kids and family plus a little fitness. I used to wind-surf, dive and tried kite-surfing and hope to find time to do those again at some point as well as accompanying the kids on their sporting journeys. I work a lot on armed conflict and so sport is a nice way to focus on the positive side of human nature. Tell us about a goal you’re working toward (in the gym or beyond). Anna and I are hoping to soon start Otillo-racing (a multi-leg swim-run race in beautiful parts of the world, originating in Sweden). The racers are tethered together by a 10-foot bungee cord, so marital relations will be tested, but we are both former swimmers and with the cross-training of CFDC will be a pair to beat. What do you know now about CrossFit that you wish you knew when you started? When I was a little younger, I guess the main thing was the importance of leaving your ‘ego’ at the door, the importance of listening to your body and everyone has to follow their own rather than someone else’s journey. CrossFit is a great practice but as with any intense activity needs to be treated with respect. Who inspires you (in the gym or beyond)? My wife, Anna (aaww); as well as anyone half my age who […]
November 3, 2019

Member Spotlight Triple Feature: Emily, Morgan and Allison

Emily H. How long have you been doing CrossFit (and what inspired you to begin)?  I started CrossFit in 2012 when I was about 12 years old, and it was my dad that originally got me into it. I am from Boston (Southie to be exact), but I went to middle and high school at a public school in the same suburb of Boston where my dad worked as a teacher. My dad’s colleague owns a CrossFit gym with her husband, so after school each day my dad would go to the 4:30 class and I’d be sitting on the side watching, waiting to drive home. After a few weeks of observing I thought, “why not join in with the adults?” Truthfully, it was mainly out of boredom that I did my first CrossFit workout, but pretty soon I was hooked.  How long have you been at CFDC? Why did you chose CFDC? I did CrossFit all through high school and loved it, so knew that when I went to college I had to find a box close to my dorm. Last June when I came to accepted students day at GW I made sure to drop I at a few gyms in the area. Out of all the ones I tried, CFDC was my favorite; the location was convenient, but more importantly I loved the sense of community and welcoming atmosphere.When I started school in August of last year, I joined right away.  Favorite and least favorite CrossFit movements? For my least favorite movement, I’m definitely going to have to choose wall balls. I even like thrusters more than wall balls (which a lot of people disagree with me on)… I’m not sure what it is, but I think it’s something to do with the fact that you can at least somewhat pace thrusters, but wall balls are only one speed. As for my favorite CrossFit movement, I’d have to say its a tie between handstand pushup and double unders. I love all the gymnastics movements in CrossFit, so handstand pushups are a favorite of mine. But way back when I tarted  doing CrossFit when I was 12, double unders were one of the first skills I caught onto and ever since then I’ve really liked them. (It must have been all that jump rope practice during recess.) What do you do when you aren’t flinging heavy weights around the gym? I’m currently in the middle of my sophomore year at GW, so I spend a lot of time studying and going to class. But when I’m not doing school stuff I love to go to the DC museums and find new restaurants with my friends.   Tell us about a goal you’re working toward (in the gym or beyond). My biggest goal right now is to graduate from GW in 2022 from the School or Public Health! What do you know now about CrossFit that you wish you knew when you started? One thing I wish I did more when I first started CrossFit was to write down what my PRs were and what my times were for benchmark workouts. I recorded a few workouts and lifts in an app on my phone or in a notebook, but I wish I did it a little more. It’s always fun to look back […]