About CrossFit DC

CrossFit DC was founded in 2005 as the first-ever CrossFit affiliate in our nation’s capital. We help people with any and all athletic backgrounds get in the best shape of their lives. There's something here for everyone.

At CrossFit DC, every program has a purpose.  We understand different people have different goals.  We have something to offer everyone.  Whether you're excited to lift heavy and build new skills, build your conditioning and look better naked, improve flexibility, improve a marathon or triathlon time, or compete in CrossFit or Olympic weightlifting - you'll find the right pathways to meet your goals in our gym.

Our coaches bring a wealth of fitness knowledge, years of athletic experience, and expertise in specialties ranging from Olympic weightlifting to endurance training. Most importantly, they share a commitment to providing the best possible coaching for each and every one of our athletes.

Beyond veteran expertise and attentive coaching, our greatest source of pride is the strength of our community. This is a place where we push one another, and cheer each other on. This is a place where we work together to tackle our weaknesses and build on our strengths. This is a place where we come together with common purpose: training to become the best versions of ourselves.

To get a better feel for the CrossFit DC vibe, check out the video from the recent CrossFit Open to the right.

Crossfit DC: Proven Strength & Conditioning.